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15 Useful Google Search Tricks

This is about the best useful google search tricks for its user. Google is the primary search engine within the gift time. After organizing in 1998 by means of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, it has modified the history of the internet. Now Google has come to be the synonym for internet searching. In fact, Google is consistent with the Oxford English Dictionary “Search for records about (something) on the Internet the usage of the search engine Google.”

Useful Google Search Tricks

1. Search By Voice:

If you’re lazy sufficient to be kind much like me or in this type of state of affairs that you can’t type words, just click on the microphone button in the search bar of the Google homepage. Then speak whatever you need to search and within a few seconds, you may see your search outcomes. You should bear in mind that this selection is only available in Google Chrome Browser or Google Applications on Android or iOS platforms. If you browse Google through third-party browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer, this option is unavailable.

2. Use Double Quotes to Search For The Exact Phrase:

Just seek your favored terms inside double charges and this will generate the pages containing the precise phrases in genuine order. This trick is very useful if you are searching for a selected phrase.

Example- “Abhishek Indora”

3. Double Quotes For The Missing or Forgotten Phrase:

This one is my preferred trick. Very frequently I forget unique words or phrases from my favorite songs. Google allows me to discover those forgotten words. You can put an asterisk within the region of lacking phrases to find out those.

Example- “I shall * someday”

4. Use the Minus Sign for a Specific Phrase:

If want to look for traveling places, you need to exclude the traveler attractions of Rajasthan. You can honestly do that by means of using a – sign in front of the phrase which you want to eliminate.

Example: Tourist Places in India-Rajasthan

5. Search a File of a Specific Type:

If you’re searching out a document of a selected format, you may do so by using just the use of modifier filetype:

Example- “Abstract Algebra” filetype: pdf

6. Timer:

Do you know, that Google Search has a built-in timer facility? Just input the amount of time after which the phrase timer. you will get a timer on your screen.

Example- 10 Minute Timer

7. Stopwatch:

Just input the stopwatch and click the search button. You will see a stopwatch on your screen prepared to use.

8. Food Comparison:

This feature is clearly beneficial for diet-conscious people. If you need to examine any kinds of foods (fairly generic), you can do a Google seek by means of placing a vs between the call of foods. Google will show you the way they differ by way of carbohydrates, proteins, fats or vitamins.

Example: Rice vs Wheat

9. Search Within a Particular Website:

You regularly want to go looking inside a website, however that precise internet site doesn’t have any search option. Don’t worry…Google will assist you with this issue. Just enter the modifier site: unique internet site seek term

Example- site: www.example.on line 10 Minute Mail

10. Similar Websites:

If you need to search for all websites which are much like (i.E. All social networking sites). You can do so with the aid of using the modifier related:

Example- related:www.Facebook.Com

11. Know your IP Address:

Just type whats my IP with inside the search bar and it will display your IP address as obtained via Google.

12. Search Between Two Numbers:

This function is useful if you are attempting to search for matters in a range. For example, I need to know all of the top numbers between 100 and 200. I can do so by simply including periods between 100 and 200.

Example: prime numbers in 100..200

13. Search For Phrases in Title:

Two modifiers intitle: and allintitle: come up with the possibility to look for your preferred phrases in a web page title. When you operate the primary modifier, it will display all the web pages which have titles containing unmarried search terms. Whereas the second modifier may be used for more than one search phrase.

Example- intitle: India suggests the consequences of having India of its titles.

The modifier link: will tell you which of the web pages are connected to a selected website.

Example- link:www.Google.Com will show you all the webpages which might be related to Google.

15. OR & AND Search Operators:

The OR operator offers you the ‘both-or’ condition on your search results. For example, trying to find “Android OR iPhone” will display your consequences that contain both the term Android or the time period iPhone.

You can use AND operator to consist of must-have phrases for your search outcomes. If you search “Android AND iPhone”, you may get outcomes that include each of the phrases Android and iPhone.

These are the useful google search tricks mostly used. Share this article with your known one who should use these useful google search tricks.




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