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Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2023

This is all about Best Ad Networks for Publishers and Advertisers.

An ad network is a company that connects advertisers to publishers’ websites that want to host advertisements. The key function of an ad network is an aggregation of ad space supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser demand. Ad networks allow advertisers to buy digital ads across a slew of publisher sites and apps. 

What Is an Ad Network and Why Do You Need One? 

An ad network is a conciliator that introduces the right publisher option to the right buyer. It connects publishers (suppliers) and advertisers (buyers) to match their crusade pretensions. 

You can work with several ad networks according to the different types of ad formats you work with. There are video ad networks that serve videotape content, and others that concentrate on the stylish CPM rate. 

Ad networks are a good choice if you need to vend the remnant ad force. For case, prints that aren’t vented by the end of the month. 

Some Factors to Know

  • Your target followership – Is your followership B2B or B2C? How large is your followership? Note your followership demographics, interests, position, and age group. 
  •  Your budget – for starting companies occasionally the budget can play an important part in choosing some networks. 
  •  Your niche – this is maybe the most important factor in determining which network works best for you. Frequently, the more general the niche, the more general the network. 

What Are The Best Ad Networks in 2023 

There are tons of ad networks, but only many truly rise to the top. They are 10 of stylish ad networks around the moment 

Google AdSense

No list of top ad networks would be complete without Google advertisements at the top. One handy point if you are considering AdSense is an earnings estimator that shows you what you stand to gain by adding AdSense to your mound. 

Publisher Benefits 

Google tends to stay on the cutting edge of the diligence in which it operates, and that has led to AdSense getting one of the largest networks connecting advertisers and publishers in the world. Google defenses every ad, allows for significant customization capabilities and simplifies the perpetration process to no further than adding a couple of lines of the law to your point. 

Google AdSense Reviews 

AdSense is one of the best-known and most popular ad networks on the request moment, and that is reflected in its reviews. The network had 4 stars on Capterra,4.2 stars on G2, and 8.6 out of 10 on TrustRadius at the time of publication. 


PropellerAds is a new platform, but it’s perfect for small publishers and new bloggers. Subscribing up is veritably easy, and the blessing comes veritably snappily. The intriguing thing about this network is its nippy schedule of payouts. The minimum payment is just 5 USD, and they pay you after every week on Thursdays. 

Also, PropellerAds provides you a platform to promote your offers to the untapped followership because it has further than 1B prints per month, plus launches thousands of juggernauts every day. Likewise, a wide range of ad formats is also available, similar to drive ads, pop-unders, and banner advertisements. 


  •  Colorful marketing models like CPA, CPC, CPM, and CPI 
  •  Worldwide business 
  •  Further than 1B prints in a month 
  •  Bypass technology to get across ad-blockers 
  •  Endured directors will support you in developing juggernauts 
  •  Minimal payout of$ 5

Infolinks specializes in contextual ad targeting to help advertisers reach the right eyeballs. Still, the platform also offers exclusive placements further than publishers. 

Publisher Benefits 

Infolinks works with further than websites around the world and generates over1.5 a billion ad views per month, so its crucial benefit to both publishers and advertisers is clearly scaled. By using contextual links to produce advertisements, Infolinks claims to target druggies’ intent more directly, leading to better engagement and an overall less invasive experience for the end stoner. 

With3.3 stars on G2 and3.2 stars on Trustpilot, Infolinks was forcefully in the middle of the pack when it came to reviews of top ad networks. On the else side, pundits mentioned Infolinks being drinking to all publishers, indeed those who might not have been approved for Google AdSense. On the negative side, pundits said the tool generated fairly low profits for them. 

Amazon Native Shopping Advertisements 

Bloggers and other point possessors have been using Amazon’s program to induce fresh profit for a long time, but Amazon Native Shopping Advertisements offer another high-pric way to monetize your website. 

Analogous to AdSense advertisements, Amazon Native Shopping Advertisements are contextual, so they display applicable products grounded on the runner content and keywords. However, you get a commission from this trade, anyhow of whether it was for the item that was clicked on If a stoner goes on to make a purchase after clicking on the ad. 

Amazon is the top eCommerce point in the world, and its conversion rate is much more advanced than enough much any other eCommerce contender. You can work this unexampled business and conversion rate for an unresistant profit with veritably little trouble. 


Adcash is an advertising platform with a global reach. On the publisher side, they mate with publishers, decoration websites, and SSPs.


  • Multiple ad formats 
  • High filler rates – monetize all prints 
  • Anti AdBlock technology 


  • Option to control offers manually 
  • Variety of ad types 
  • Good client support 
  • Multiple language points support 


  • Delicate to find the pay rate on a website 
  • High minimal payment


In the event that you are one of those advertisers who are hoping to get everything rolling with a self-administration stage, then MGID might be the stage you need. You can create more promotion impressions by zeroing in on your business needs and showcasing objectives with MGID’s self-administration choice and an assortment of advertisement designs. This local promoting stage likewise has the choice to effectively and immediately scale your organization’s promotion distributing degree with admittance to the continuous examination.

The substance can likewise be modified to contact individuals in view of socioeconomics or destinations. You can program your work to be noticeable much of the time while offering an improved way to deal with taking care of your work.

The least traffic required is north of 90,000 month-to-month guests. Assuming your site’s traffic is underneath the limit, you should look elsewhere.

Valuing models incorporate CPM, RevShare, and CPC with $100 being the base installment edge.


Adnow is a local publicizing network which is established in 2014. It is basically the same as Taboola and Outbrain. I have found that they dealt with numerous issues in getting advancement. However, at long last, they got some immense ubiquity. They said that they have cutthroat costs and are a great help to the distributors.

Promotion Formats

Adnow is just a local promotion organization and they pay on CPM and CPC premises. Despite the fact that their CPM is low in certain nations, their CPC is excellent, as per some client reports. 99℅ local promotion networks never offer CPM advertisements to their distributors, so you really want to get snaps to bring in cash. In any case, the CPC paces of local promotion networks including Adnow are higher. In any case, when contrasted with excellent local promotion networks like Taboola, and Outbrain, Adnow pays lower.


The Min. payout is $20 and they pay on NET 7 premise. They pay by means of Paypal, bank wire, and so forth.

The base payout is truly simple to reach If you get a few decent measures of snaps. 

Staking on yahoo! Bing’s wide contextual reach, connects publishers with original and public advertisers all over the place. The network also offers native and display advertisements and has no minimal business conditions. 

PublisherBenefits is an ad network that can grow with publishers, offering a fairly entry-position contextual ad service but graduating all the way to full-on programmatic immolations. The broad demand and a wide number of options have attracted major publishers like Reuters, Forbes, WebMD, and CNN. Reviews 

Reviews varied extensively, with druggies giving the tool 4 stars on G2 and2.6 stars on Trustpilot. Negatives centered on limited payout options and limited ad formats, while cons were substantially about ease of use and effectiveness as an AdSense volition for beginning publishers. 


Pop-under ad networks occasionally get a bad character, but PopAds is known for being one of the high-quality options in this ad space. The network offers several other advantages to publishers, similar as immediate payments on request, no minimal business conditions, and easy control of minimal flings for pop-under advertisements. 

Publisher Benefits 

PopAds claims that its average CPMs have noway dipped below$ 4, and while this is not a monstrously emotional CPM, it does show the stability of the tool’s demand and its presumably harmonious quality. The tool also boasts connections with advertisers from further than 40 countries. 

PopAds Reviews 

Further, then 150 PopAds druggies gave the tool4.6 stars on Trustpilot, while smaller G2 pundits were just as thrilled and left the tool with4.2 stars. Review authors tended to like PopAds’ stoner targeting capacities and fairly simple interface. But in some cases, they disliked the aggressiveness of the tool’s ad placements and some implicit security issues. 


The popular RevenueHits is another stylish ad network for small publishers. The major reason for its fashionability is its technology for geo-targeted and contextual ad servings. It offers easy monetization of mobile spots, add-ons, websites, toolbars, contraptions, and numerous further. 

It provides colorful ad formats like pop-unders, pop-ups, textbook advertisements, XML feeds, and banner advertisements. Also, the platform offers huge business across the world, helping you reach a wide range of druggies. Likewise, it supports different marketing models like CPM, CPA, CPC, CPV, CPI, and transaction, plus they have a minimal payout of$ 50. 


  • Different marketing models 
  • Offers colorful ad-formats 
  • Geo-targeted ad serving 
  • Huge business worldwide

AdUp Technology 

AdUp Technology specializes in native advertisements. With its handy ad creation tools, publishers can snappily design ad units and layouts that are impeccably customized and compatible with just about any device. 

Publisher Benefits 

AdUp Technology is among the further publisher-centric ad networks at the request moment. The network bases CPMs on the maximum CPC flings combined with click probability, and it lets a fair quantum of this process run in an automated fashion without hindrance. The result is probably a more publisher-friendly experience than what you might find at other ad networks. 

AdUp Technology Reviews 

Although AdUp is a fairly prominent ad network, it demanded online reviews at the time of publication. The tool had no checks and unclaimed rosters on Capterra, G2, and TrustRadius. On TrustPilot, AdUp had a single review that left it with3.2 out of 5 stars. 


Specializing in eCommerce brands, AdRoll does a lot of marketing-related tasks for brands that want to vend further products. On the publisher side, AdRoll does one thing really well connect you with advertisers empty for each and every targeted ad print that’s primed to turn into deals. 

Publisher Benefits 

The primary benefit of AdRoll to publishers is scale. This ad network attracts ultra-expensive brands who pay decoration prices for your force by using robotization and massive data libraries to connect with 70 shoppers and induce further than 1 billion ad placement recommendations every day. 

AdRoll Reviews 

With 4 out of 5 stars on Capterra,3.9 stars on G2 and8.3 out of 10 on TrustRadius, AdRoll is generally well-liked by its druggies. Positive pundits tended to praise AdRoll’s retargeting capabilities and a low specialized hedge to entry. On the negative side, some druggies said the interface was confusing and occasionally slow.


BuySellAds is a commercial center where distributors list their promotion stock for sponsors to straightforwardly purchase advertisement space on your blog.

Likewise, when a spot on your promotions network has not been offered, you have the choice to determine ‘backup’ advertisements that supplant other real stock spots.

For instance, you could add high-performing partner items until a promotion space is sold.

You want to have no less than 100,000 site visits each month to work with BuySellAds.


  • Have the choice to set up programmed and manual component
  • to endorse promotions
  • Coordinated installment entryway
  • Brilliant for new and more modest online journals with less traffic
  • Appealing Niche related promotions drives more CTR in this manner more income
  • Adaptable on type and measure of promotion space
  • Expand acquiring potential by offering various promotion sizes, areas, and costs, and that’s just the beginning


  • A jumbled distributing catalog doesn’t aid the webpage or blog to stick out


BidVertiser has been around for quite a while.

They have helped in excess of 80,000 distributors and publicists.

Besides creating promotion income for bloggers, BidVertiser likewise offers a reference program that produces additional cash guaranteeing you’ll outwit the two universes.

By showing an outside reference on your blog, you can bring in cash from every individual who turns into a distributor or publicist.

They offer a wide scope of promotion designs and choices for portable and work areas, which is perfect for little locales that need to begin bringing in cash.

Another beneficial thing is that the base payout is simply $10 which is really great for little bloggers out there.


  • Computerized endorsement process meaningless holding up times
  • AdSense similarity
  • Low installment edge of $10 assuming Paypal is liked


  • Can show superfluous advertisements that don’t coordinate with your blog’s subject
  • Convoluted sponsor choice
  • Lesser acquiring for non-US traffic


Distributors might utilize Adsterra to adapt their sites, virtual entertainment traffic, and portable applications. In correlation, on the off chance that you’re running a respectable substance site, I wouldn’t suggest it.

Adsterra is great for sites that contain tattle, nakedness, pictures, and other non-standard substance. You can bring in some dependable cash in the event that you have a ton of traffic.

Adsterra has five unique installment structures.

  1. Cost Per Mille: 1K advertisements Impressions
  2. Cost-Per-Click: A guest taps on a promotion.
  3. Cost-Per-Action: Pay for the reason
  4. Cost-Per-Install: Pay for the right reaction (Download)
  5. Cost-Per-Lead: Subscriptions, Fills something

Adsterra Pros

  • The base payout is five bucks.
  • Fast endorsement process and no traffic necessities.
  • Extended Ads type changes for Adblocking.
  • Acquire more with Adsterra’s reference.

Adsterra Cons

  • Awful client experience with push promotions, notices, and popunder advertisement types.
  • Not appropriate for certifiable sites.
  • Low CPM rate in Asian nations.


Still, Dianomi may be a great ad network to try out, If you are a publisher in the finance or fintech space. The network specializes in direct-vented native ad juggernauts for fiscal advertisers. 

Publisher Benefits 

On top of its native ads- it concentrated network. Dianomi incorporates direct-vented performance ad juggernauts that stand the chance of adding to publishers’ profit. The tool also markets itself to advertisers as having connections with decoration publishers, so if you get into this network, you may get some further cred behind that decoration image you are trying to promote. 

Dianomi Reviews 

The only high-profile software review website where Dianomi had any real presence was G2. There, the tool had4.1 out of 5 stars. Pundits tended to like the tool’s native ad formats and commitment to brand safety, but they did not like what they called a” fractured and archaic dashboard.”

Epom Ad Server 

It does cross-channel business advertising, and unlike numerous ad networks, it brings programmatic buying and selling tools into the blend. While this ad network can be a strong choice for numerous publishers, its services like white marker ad waiters and DSPs feed heavily to agencies. 

Publisher Benefits 

This tool offers advanced real-time analytics that can be useful to enterprise-position and entry-position publishers likewise. Epom Ad Server is also heavily investing in developing new and innovative ad unit types, which can frequently lead to advanced CPMs for the publishers who use them. 

Epom Reviews 

Epom may be one of the highest-rated ad networks on the internet. As of the time of publication, it had4.5 stars on Capterra, a perfect 10 on TrustRadius,4.4 stars on G2 and3.9 stars on Trustpilot. Pundits were in favor of the tool’s real-time analytics capabilities and a generous free trial, but they tended not to like the stoner interface or lack of integrations with other tools. 


GroundTruth’s area of focus is on position-grounded advertisements. For some publishers, this specialization may be a great fit for their cult and profit pretensions. The platform also offers tone-serve ad juggernauts. 

Publisher Benefits 

Still, state, or region, If you are a publisher who’s specific to a particular megacity. The tool has filled its website with case studies that show how effective its services are for brands, which could be a circular benefit to publishers who are looking to affiliate with bigger and more advanced-paying brands.

GroundTruth Reviews 

Capterra pundits gave GroundTruth4.6 stars, while G2 pundits went kindly lower at 4 stars. The biggest cons of GroundTruth appeared to be an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive tutorials. Meanwhile, the biggest negatives appeared to be occasional bugs and lackluster direct client support. 


Plista goes heavy on data to lead the way in native advertising. Publishers who use this ad network will integrate a happy recommendation field that drives prints for targeted content and native advertisements. 

Publisher Benefits 

Plista is a growing ad network that has formerly expanded its reach to 11 countries, publishers, and 60 million druggies. Maybe one of the biggest benefits of the tool’s fairly small scale at the moment is that publishers get devoted experts who can mate with them to help them grow their profit from the network.

Plista Reviews 

Reviews of Plista were hard to come by at the time of publication. The only platform that had reviews of this tool was G2, where it had 4 out of 5 stars. Lack of customization and problems with the tool’s dashboard was the principal complaints in the many available reviews. On the positive side, pundits liked Plista’s immolation of multiple native ad formats.

How to Optimize Your Ads by Choosing the Right Website Order and Ad Network 

To choose the right network, take all the information and follow these simple way 

  • Weed out inapplicable networks and find the applicable bones 

Classify according to the three factors we mentioned budget, niche, and followership. 

  • Quality vs Quantity 

 Occasionally you get what you pay for. For ad networks, you may get better pricing and further business from a large network, but the business you get won’t be high intent business. To find high-quality, high-converting callers, you need to get your business from the right sources.

  • Elect the right size of the network. 

 A larger network, not inescapably means it’s better for you. Large ad networks will have a lot of options to choose from, but they don’t generally carry especially targeted ads. However, a large network may not be well suited to your requirements, If you want to announce a specialty product. 

  • So numerous options 

Large advertising networks offer expansive options, including-engagement advertisements and remarketing. While this can give you an advantage when it comes to targeting, you should ask whether you need all these redundant features. Occasionally simplest is best when it comes to advertising. Fastening your advertising on the right websites and ad networks frequently gives better results. 

5 tips for publisher success:-

  1. Be harmonious 
  2. Have great content 
  3. Diversify your monetization options 
  4. Manage your SEO 
  5. Examiner, track, and review. Reprise. 

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