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15 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks and Program in India

If you would like to form good earnings from blogging then you’ve got to specialize in affiliate marketing. Now if you’re thinking “which is the best affiliate marketing Programs in India” then during this post I’m getting to tell you about the 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks and programs in India.For making good earnings from blog Google Adsense isn’t Enough. Google Adsense is sweet once you just start blogging (for newbies). Even after very diligence and having good traffic many bloggers don’t observe earning from Google Adsense, because Adsense Earning depends on Ad clicks.

Pageview gives very low income in India as Ad impression rate is extremely low in India. and really few visitors click ads( 2% to three visitors click ads).

So Affiliate Marketing is the best for the blogger who is serious about blogging and needs to form Good earnings if you’ve got good traffic to your site.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In Simple words: Affiliate Marketing is a sort of online marketing wherein bloggers refer visitors to any products in their blog and when the visitor buys the merchandise through your link, you will receive a better commission.

The commission is extremely high and it varies from $.50 to $100 even sometimes $1000 consistent with products.

There are different sorts of offers and programs from cost per action (CPA), cost per sale (CPS), Cost per install (CPI) within the Indian affiliate network list below. 
If you’re new in blogging then don’t signup all at a time start with a number of them and gradually signup and their affiliate offers to your blog.

If you’ve got a coupon and deal website then in starting use 1 to five then add their offers and then use other affiliate programs.

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

  • DGM India
  • Flipkart Affiliate Program
  • Amazon India Affiliate Program
  • Payoom
  • Komli
  • vCommission
  • Admitad India
  • Optimise
  • AdUncle
  • Trootrac
  • iCubesWire

Some International Affiliate Programs

  • ShareASale
  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction (
  • Rakuten
These the best networks I have even seen, If you like this article can help someone else, please share it.


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