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How to start a blog and earn money with Blogger

This is a step-with the aid of-step guide on How to start a blog and earn money with Blogger which will show you to start a blog and earn cash with Blogger.Com with whole details and explanations. Blogger can be a blog-publishing platform that permits users to make a couple of blogs with their accounts and submit articles on them.
It turned into started out via a personal entity but was later on bought via Google in 2003. it is one of all the most important blogging platforms available to customers worldwide. One user is allowed to host up to one hundred blogs on their Blogger account. This limit is usually considered pretty sufficient for all forms of users.
In fact, a maximum of people generally have one blog of their account, and that they do quite exactly in terms of readership and therefore the number of site visitors coming to their weblog.
One of the maximum critical competitors of Blogger is WordPress.Com which is additionally a clearly famous blogging platform. we have chosen to awareness Blogger.Com at some point in this guide because it’s a couple of advantages over WordPress. Here are some of the blessings that matter the foremost for an alternative user:

  • Blogger lets customers apply their personal custom domain for gratis with their blogs. WordPress costs around $thirteen to let users use their own domain.
  • Blogger permits users to vicinity commercials to their blogs for free of charge the usage of gadgets in order that they could earn cash with them. WordPress simplest allows customers to vicinity ads on their weblog in the event that they pay the expenses to start out a premium WordPress blog. The costs for the premium bundle is around $ 8 in line with month.

These variations have compelled us to ignore WordPress for now and post this manual about Blogger.Com. These advantages might not be huge for regular customers who’re wont to developing and running blogs on multiple platforms, but they matter lots for logo spanking new users who want to start out their very own blog from scratch and need to earn money without spending a dime.

What is Blog?

A weblog can be a website wherein a character or entity can write content material a few unique subject matter or in reality to share mind and reviews generally. It seems as distinct posts in chronological order in which photos and hyperlinks to other assets are included.

You can start blogging as an expert in a community as cooking or traveling, you’ll weblog as how of expressing feelings or also as an employer the use of the blog as a marketing tool to make content and have interaction with your audience.

What is the difference between Blog & Website?

Blogs are websites, but we commonly differentiate both terms. From an enterprise perspective, blogs are content material generators whilst the internet site may be an exhibit for merchandise or services.

So, the company blog is typically inserted in the internet site and offers content associated with the employer’s place of experience.

As a criminal platform for enterprise, a weblog gives insights into the criminal troubles in the entrepreneurial world, permitting us to particular our expertise and at an equivalent time provide interesting content material to our audience.

Who can Blog?

Blogging is often a person sharing a personal diary online, someone sharing a hobby or interest, or location of interest. Also, many agencies lately have blogs.

Pretty much every business, restaurant, service enterprise, product, and enterprise features a weblog retaining their clients up to now on the industry also as their employer or product specifications.

If you test out their blog it’s a combination of stories about them and their products like a post a few new paddleboards they may be introducing rapidly also as more popular content about paddleboarding, athletes who paddleboard, etc.

How to start a blog and earn money with Blogger

Starting a weblog on Blogger is absolutely pretty easy.

Before you begin you need to verify that you genuinely have a Google account.

Once you have got your Google account equipped now’s the time to urge began on creating a Blogger account. Then we’ll see the way to create a real blog. we have compiled the expertise through a step-through-step guide.

Here are the stairs to make a blog with Blogger:

  • Register an account on Blogger.Com
  • Create a identify and address in your blog
  • Choose your required subject matter for the weblog
  • Create your first blog article by using clicking on the “New Post” button
  • Click on the “Publish” button to post your first weblog post

The whole method is explained intimately beneath:


We will start with the aid of developing a Blogger account. Assuming you’ve got a Google account next aspect to try to do is to sign up on Blogger.Com. Click HERE to sign in. This how Blogger.Com’s primary page appears like:

start a blog

You need to log in together with your Google account inside the login page that follows up. Once you’ve got logged in, the subsequent step is to start out growing your blog.

Once you have got signed in to your Blogger account, you will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

start a blog

Here you will be prepared to create a blog for your self. When growing a blog you should realize what topic you would love to specialize in. A weblog should be centered on a particular subject matter that you’re fascinated to jot down approximately.

Once you have decided you have to pick out the right Title and Address to your blog. The title is virtually the phrase or phrase that you without a doubt want to point out at the Title phase of your Blog. it will display due to the fact the principle heading of your blog and it will additionally show due to the fact the headline of your weblog in your browser tab.

The Address is that the real internet deal with your weblog for instance www.Xyz.Com. Blogger.Com offers you two alternatives in your Blog deal with.

You can use the free call that they supply. it’s going to be within the format: yourblogname.Blogspot.Com. regardless of the cope with your choices are going to be appended with blogspot.Com. this could be your unfastened domain.

However, if you would really like to use an internet site name that you clearly virtually personal already then prepared to “> you will select a custom domain that you’re going in order to map later together with your weblog. As referred to above, Blogger allows you to apply your personal name collectively with your weblog for free of charge.

You can additionally choose a template for your weblog. As you will see within the snapshot, there is a sort of templates that blogger gives you for free of charge. you may select each person that you simply suppose will fit your blog the foremost. After you have finished all the three requirements, you may then click at the Create Blog button to make your blog.

STEP-3: Once you have got created your blog, you may be taken for your Blog Dashboard that appears like this:

start a blog

This is your Blog dashboard. Here you will do the subsequent things collectively with your blog:

  • Create Posts
  • Check the information of your weblog visitors
  • See the comments that others have posted on your weblog
  • Create advertising and marketing campaigns for your blog
  • Create pages for your blog e.G. “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Privacy Policy” etc.
  • Add devices in your Blog header, sidebars, and footer
  • Choose a selected template to your weblog
  • Configure Settings on your weblog inclusive of Title, Custom Domain, Description, Privacy settings, Blog authors and Visitors

The GUI of the blogger dashboard is extremely easy. it will guide you with the complete procedure of fixing your weblog. the foremost feature of your blog that you truly are going to be using the maximum is that the Create Post module.

Blogging is all approximately writing and publishing articles approximately your favored subject matter. These articles are called Posts inside the blogging world. To make a post, you will want to click on at the New Post button underneath the Posts segment. Here’s how the New Post display screen seems like:

start a blog

The above screen is largely the Post editor of your blog. Here you will create your weblog article by giving it a name and writing the whole content material inside the text editor below the identify phase.

After you’ve got written your article you will get to submit it to be geared up to make it available for the general public to read. To post your article you simply were given to click on the Publish button as shown in the screenshot.


This is the foremost vital segment of this guide because right here you’ll find out how to certainly earn money from your weblog that you genuinely have created in the preceding steps. Basically, you will need to place some ads in your weblog to get cash.

There’s a billboard publishing device that you definitely can follow to be prepared to make money from your weblog. That publishing system is known as Google Adsense. Although it is a really popular publishing platform amongst Internet users in case you are still no longer conversant in it then that’s now not a problem.

You can genuinely follow a Google Adsense account and be part of it together with your Blogger account. However, there are multiple necessities before you may clearly practice for an Adsense account


Here’s just a brief summary of those necessities:

  • You ought to have an internet site. A weblog also can be referred to as a website because it fulfills all the wishes of an internet site.
  • You can, of course, create a weblog for yourself if you’re younger than 18 years but you cannot earn cash from it until you turn 18. That’s only a requirement of the Google Adsense platform that we must fit.
  • Your blog or internet site ought to suit Adsense Program Policies. There are multiple program guidelines that you surely got to stick to if you would really like to apply for an Adsense account. you’ll study the one’s regulations here.
  • Your blog/internet site must pass for at least 6 months. Yes, unfortunately, it truly is a demand and your weblog is not certified for an Adsense account till it is been operational for at the very least 6 months old. But if you check out it within the future, it’s now not a significant problem because in the course of this period you may have the time to specialize in your blog and put up top nice posts thereon. And clearly, your Adsense commercials won’t be equipped to generate a sincere amount of money unless you have an honest wide variety of readers and site visitors to your weblog. So at some stage in those 6 months, you ought to without a doubt concentrate on writing and publishing outstanding articles and convey as many readers and site visitors in your weblog as possible. When that waiting period is over, you may immediately begin to earn money once you region the Adsense ads on your weblog.

How Do Bloggers Make Money From Their Blogs?

There are some ways to monetize a blog.
A blogger can place a code on their site which can feature relevant ads supported the reader’s search history also because of the content of the location.

You have affiliate marketing where bloggers may mention or mention a product then link to Amazon or similar sites through a special trackable link and that they get a percentage of every sale they drive.

Bloggers also do sponsor posts where a corporation can pay them to blog a few certain products.

Bloggers also can sell ad space on to companies and made their offers.


Now right here are the stairs that you virtually were given to carry out to use for an Adsense account:
In your Blogger Dashboard attend the Earnings segment as shown in the picture below:

start a blog

In the earnings phase, you ought to be prepared to see the take a look at in for the Adsense button. If you see another message that says Your weblog doesn’t currently qualify for AdSense then this shows you would love to attend for the 6 months before you’ll apply for it.

2. Assuming you are certified for Adsense after you click the Sign-up button you will be taken to a form, you have to fill it.


To create an Adsense account you will need to click on the Create Account button. After this, you’ll be asked to enter your non-public, residential and payment facts to complete your Adsense registration.

You will get to cautiously fill out those details due to the fact you would really like to be equipped to acquire your income with no issues. So after you create your Adsense account, now it’s time to area the Adsense ads on your blog so you’ll earn money from them.

3. To region Adsense advertisements in your blog, you would like to travel to the Layout section of your blog dashboard. within the Layout segment, you’ll be given to upload devices to your Blog’s sidebar or Footer so you’ll show the commercials there. Here’s how it is like:

start a blog

4. Click on the Add a Gadget button to characteristic a device on your sidebar and put your Google commercials internal it. once you click the Add a Gadget button you will see a display as shown beneath:

start a blog


As shown inside the photograph above you would really like to choose the Adsense option and upload it to your selected gadgets. That’s how you combine Google Ads for your blog to start off making a living from them. it’s crucial to word that you clearly can most effectively earn money in case your readers and site visitors click on the ads displayed on your blog.

The amount of money you will make via your weblog relies upon on the number of clicks you get on your advertisements. Bloggers who’re equipped to generate a sincere quantity of traffic on their blogs can earn even pretty thousand dollars in step with a month. But that best depends on what percentage attempt you set into your weblog.

Creating a clean blog for yourself and configuring it to be geared up to generate profits is as easy as described throughout this guide. The entire procedure of making a weblog and signing up for an Adsense account is quite easy. The toughest element is consistency and absolutely having the capability to earn cash by turning it into a profitable supply of earnings. quite 90 percent of bloggers aren’t equipped to keep with the tempo they started and handiest a little portion of these bloggers sincerely achieve achievement in making their blogs worthwhile.

This is all about start a blog and earning money with Blogger. Now you can easily start a blog and earn money with blogger.



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