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Best Alternatives Of AdMob

So here is a detailed list of the best alternatives of Admob ad networks. You can use them to grow your revenue if you got banned by AdMob.

Monetizing the Android app is a popular and straightforward way for Android app developers and publishers to earn money from their apps. Google’s AdMob network is unquestionably the foremost popular ad monetizing network employed by Android app owners and developers. you’ll earn money easily by using this ad network for your mobile app.
But suppose, you don’t want to use this usual method and need to undertake something new. Or also you’ll not get accepted by Google’s ad network. Whatever could also be the rationale, if you would like to undertake different ad networks for your Android app then there are many solutions available that you simply can try.

Best AdMob alternatives

1. InMobi

InMobi ad network may be a great platform to monetize your Android app. It allows you to settle on a good range of ad formats. The formats available on the InMobi mobile ad network are:

  • Mobile Video – HD ads in skippable, non-skippable, full-screen, pre-roll, vertical, and native formats.
  • Native – Non-intrusive, contextual ad.
  • Carousel – scrollable collections of related apps and products.
  • Rich Media – MRAID-compliant ads that have access to devise hardware.
  • Full-screen Interstitials.

InMobi uses nice targeting techniques like Appographic, Adaptive Lookalike and Geo-Context Targeting which may give the simplest results and assist you to extend the revenue from your App. InMobi also maximizes the revenue you create by targeting.

(Best Alternatives Of AdMob)

2. MoPub

The ad types that MoPub supports are:

  • Image, text, tile, and HTML-type ads.
  • Banner, Full Screen Interstitial, Native, and Custom formats type ads.
  • MRAID 1.0 and 2.0 for certified vendors type ads.
  • On GitHub, you’ll find the SDK for MoPub both for iOS and Android. It contains small print instruction for integration.

The MoPub platform combines ad serving, ad network mediation, and RTB. This ad network platform has capabilities of campaign management, budgeting, targeting, and reporting. Their monetization has quite 99% server uptime.

3. LeadBolt

Using the LeadBolt mobile advertising network, you’ll be connected to a variety of top in-app advertisers and access to special limited-release ad campaigns. It allows you to access a fanatical monetization specialist. the good thing about the LeadBolt ad network for mobile apps is that you simply will ready to search and apply on the direct deal marketplace for the offers you wish or their self-optimizing partner matching system can select offers for you.
The ad formats available on Leadbolt are as follows:

  • Video Ads – Run ads from partners you meet within the Direct Deals Marketplace of Leadbolt ad network or try their Rewarded Video ads that they claim can boost your revenue by up to 70%
  • Interstitial Ads – Targeted, full-screen ads.
  • Native Ads

LeadBolt offers a couple of great developer tools like mobile analytics, quick-start guides, and framework support. Also, LeadBolt SDK helps you in some ways.

(Best Alternatives Of AdMob)

4. Epom Apps SDK

Epom Apps is a billboard mediation platform with in-house experts who assist you manage in-app monetization from ad implementation to everyday optimization.
Benefit from the best-performing ad formats including:

  • Smart banner, that adjusts to the dimensions of the screen automatically.
  • Native ads, which are blended into the app UX.
  • Rewarded video, top-paying ad format.
  • Standard Banners
  • Interstitials

Epom Apps monetization platform provides:

  • Single SDK for 40+ ad networks.
  • Direct access to 200+ advertisers, including Facebook, Mopub, Mobvista, inLoco and more.
  • Competitive eCPMs globally with a min 98% fill rate.
  • Aggregated payments: Get all of your monthly earnings in one paycheck.
  • All-in-one platform to regulate your advertising activity
  • FREE of credit account & personal support from growth managers.
  • A proprietary algorithm that programmatically matches user targeting profiles and ads.

5. Airpush

Airpush ad network for mobile apps has accompanied some unique features and technology. they need a 360 banner system ad that can display Video Banners and IAB Standard Banners. It also supports the Abstract Banners system. Transparent/translucent banners can display the content, eliminating banner blindness.
Your app will display rich media, Video, Dialog Ads, Airpush’s AppWall, and other ad formats of 360 Interstitials. The advertising for your app is going to be automatically optimized in order that it can offer you the simplest results and more revenue.

6. Smaato

Smaato is additionally an excellent ad network platform for mobile app publishers and app developers. At the time of scripting this post, they have already got 90,000+ app publishers/developers, 450+ Ad Networks & DSPs, 1 billion+ Mobile Users per Month, and 300+ Billion Impressions per Month.
Optimized revenue, billions of impressions, and straightforward integration make Smaato a pleasant ad network and how of creating money from mobile apps. With their SDK Mediation system, you’ll usher in other ad networks at the SDK level to compete in Smaato’s ad auctions. iAd, MoPub, and AdMob are a number of the extra ad networks that they support.



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